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Welcome to Boxelder Sanitation District

Photo by Crystal Foust

We provide wastewater treatment to protect public health and the environment, serving portions of Larimer and Weld counties.

Boxelder Sanitation District Treatment Plant

How the District Approaches Aging Infrastructure

Wastewater treatment is a vital component to a healthy and vibrant community. As your sanitation services provider, we’ve been a trusted partner of northern Colorado residents for more than 50
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Boxelder Sanitation District’s Environmental Stewardship Extends Beyond Water

Boxelder has long committed itself to environmental responsibility. As a wastewater treatment provider, it’s in our nature. Our primary mission at the District is the safe and responsible treatment of
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Meet the Boxelder Sanitation District Board of Directors

In 1965, only those with a bold eye to the future could have predicted the region as it is today. Nearly 60 years later, the trends of staggering growth, innovation
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New Boxelder Plant Expansion Helps Keep Waterways, Future Clean

Wastewater isn’t something we typically discuss in everyday conversation. In Fort Collins, that’s often reserved for what’s new in town or what weekend adventures are on the horizon. But with
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For over 50 years, Boxelder has been here to serve

The history of Boxelder Sanitation District The concept of “The American West” is something that’s mythologized not just in the United States, but all over the world. Manifest Destiny. The
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Kevin Schmitz

Meet Kevin Schmitz, one of Boxelder’s best

On any given day you are likely to find Kevin Schmitz,  Boxelder Sanitation District (BSD) pretreatment technician, keeping a close eye on what goes down the drain. As the front
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