Irrigation Meter Program For Commercial and Industrial Customers 

From March 1 through November 30, non-residential customers may be eligible and benefit from participating in the Irrigation Meter Program for the measurement of the non-wastewater flows during this time period. Facilities with a minimum of 1,000 sq. ft. of irrigated property, or non-discharge activities such as evaporative cooling systems may apply for an “irrigation” or sub-meter to measure non-discharge consumption. 

The following parameters apply to participation in the program: 

  •  Installation and purchase of the sub-meter is the customer’s responsibility.
    • Must be a direct read water meter. 
  • Boxelder staff must inspect the installation. The water service provider may also require an inspection. 
  • The serial number of the meter will be recorded and an initial read taken. 
  • The user is responsible for self-reporting irrigation/non-discharge water meter reading monthly, prior to the 15th of the month (to coordinate with the reading from the water service provider) for the monthly credit adjustment. District staff will take periodic meter readings.
    • *Note*: If readings are not received prior to the 15th of the month in a given month, you will be removed from the credit program for the remainder of the year. No credit will be given beyond that point. 
  • No credit is given for metered irrigation use for the time period of December 1 through February 28. Unless you are on a Yearly Program. 
  • The user is responsible for maintenance and/or replacement of the meter. It is advisable to protect the irrigation meter from freezing. 
  • If a meter fails and needs to be replaced, the District will need to take the final read of the non-functioning meter and record the serial number and initial read of the new meter. Contact the office before trading out a failed meter. 

Contact the District office with any questions or to apply for this program.